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Rebecca Moses

It was by chance that I came across fashion designer and artist Rebecca Moses “Stay at Home” series on Instagram. A late night mindless scroll to appease my pandemic induced insomnia landed me on a stunning piece of art. A page full of paintings of women. Each as unique and special as the stories shared. Women from all across the world. 

Dedicating her time, talents and nurturing heart, Rebecca spends endless hours creating one of a kind masterpieces. Capturing the essence of would be strangers and drawing you in like long lost friends. In the midst of a global pandemic, “sisters” as she calls them, bond together in a community of women.  With nothing more that 2000 characters, women shared their lockdown stories. From over 21 different countries ranging in ages from 4-100. I became one of those stories, and Rebecca became a beloved friend.

I am still in awe of the many gifts that make up Rebecca. As a designer, she has revolutionized fashion. As an artist, her illustrations have graced the pages of Italian Vogue, Vogue Japan, Marie Claire Italia, MAC Cosmetics, Fratelli Rossetti, Panerai, Kartell, Alcantara, and Vera Wang among a few. But of all the impressive pieces that make up Rebecca, I am most fond of her heart. 

Rebecca is a beautiful soul. A calm in the chaos. The “Stay at Home Sister” she created of me is what inspired Madre Wine. In a messy playroom full of toys, next to an overflow of laundry, she had me standing tall and radiant, ready to unwind after a long day. In my story, I had written about the “magic in the madness” of parenting. When I saw the woman she created, I knew the image was more than me. She represented my friends. My mother. Strangers. She represents all of us. A strong woman rising above the craziness of her day. Someone who doesn’t hide her flaws and embraces the fleeting moments of parenthood. 

Rebecca would go on to illustrate Kimberly and hundreds of other inspiring women from all across the world. Beyond the images she created, she forged together a sisterhood and community. Her passion and art now stand proud on our bottles. Her message to connect is ingrained in the heart of our company. 

Rebecca Moses has given the world many beautiful things. Perhaps for us, the greatest being her friendship. 

Check out more of Rebecca’s work by clicking the ‘Learn More’ button or visiting

Tami Farrell

Tami Farrell

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