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Kerry Krull with Madre Co-Founder, Kimberly Naess

Meet Kerry Krull. The badass chef and business owner who started her legacy with nothing more than a prayer and a dream. A single Mom striving to better the lives and future of her children, Kerry started Romancing the Bean 27 years ago. With no experience or education of running a business, she found a 500 square foot space across from Warner Bros and started her entrepreneurial journey with Romancing the Bean. Like any new business owner, she quickly learned that all dreams come with a price. Juggling a new business, and raising babies Kerry worked nights as a cocktail waitress just to pay the bills. Though she shared a multitude of hardships, her hard work would ultimately pay off landing her a larger space in Burbank on Magnolia were her shop still stands today. For anyone lucky enough to know the captivating and fun woman that Kerry is, it is no surprise that since 2012 she has won Best Coffee Shop in Burbank every year.

In 2016 Kerry would breathe life into another dream, this time with the help of her children and son in law, they opened a sister restaurant called The New Deal. It was inside the walls of their charming 1930s themed restaurant where I had the pleasure of making acquaintance with Kerry. Though she is small in size her presence and energy can fill a room.

As I did some digging I learned that Kerry has won Best Chef for both her restaurants in 2017, a Green Spotlight award for Sustainable practices in both restaurants and her proudest accomplishment in 2018 Outstanding Businesswoman of the year.

We are proud to honor this incredible Madre, and excited to bring our wine to the New Deal. Kerry is a true example of perseverance. Next time you are in Burbank be sure to stop by The New Deal for a glass of our wine and a tasty meal. Maybe grab you a coffee and a treat on your way home from Romancing the Bean down the street.


3501 W. Magnolia Blvd Burbank, Ca.91505 (The New Deal)

3413 W. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank Ca.91505 (Romancing the Bean Cafe’)

Phone: 818 861-7731 // 818 845-2326




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