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Recently a survey was conducted that says the typical stay-at-home mom works close to 97 hours a week. Lets break that down:

  • 13.2 hours as a day-care teacher
  • 3.9 hours as household CEO
  • 7.6 hours as a psychologist
  • 14.1 hours as a chef
  • 15.4 hours as a housekeeper
  • 6.6 hours doing laundry
  • 9.5 hours as a PC-or-Mac operator
  • 10.7 hours as a facilities manager
  • 7.8 hours as a janitor
  • 7.8 hours driving

Working Mom? She too is a master multitasker. Despite increased workloads outside of the home, Mama doesn’t have a decrease in sleep or leisure. Nope. She juggles activities for herself and her children after working an average 38 hour week. After a long day of work, she comes home to another full-time job.  A shift in social norms has created greater expectations for parents both inside and out of the home. 

So…do you really think last minute grocery store flowers are the best we can do? I think not. Don’t fret, we’ve got your back. We recently asked a group of Mom’s what they really want this Mother’s Day and this is what they said: 

90% Asked for a break. No, a shower or a bubble bath is not a break. It’s personal hygeine honey. You don’t ask for permission to shower, so lets not make her feel the need to ask you to watch your kids. I’m thinking a spa day, mani/pedicure or a massage. Check out Zeel.  You can surprise your Mom and bring the spa to her. A massage therapist can come to your home and give Mama a break. Do her a favor and take the kids on a walk or outside to make a homemade keepsake for her so she can enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Speaking of keepsakes I’ve got a simple DIY card you can make with the kiddos while she enjoys her massage. Here is a Free Questionnaire Printout you can help the kids fill out for a creative one of a kind Mothers Day card.

Breakfast in bed is a cute idea in theory, but who do you think cleans up the mess? If you are going to cook, make sure you clean. Otherwise brunch is always a great option. Geoffrys in Malibu and Social in Huntington Beach are two of my personal favorite spots. Look into local resturants in your area and give Mom a reason to dress up and take a break from cooking. 

Mom prefer to stay in? Order these super cozy pjs. Open a bottle of wine and have a beautiful cheese plate ready for her made by Simply Grazing.

Another great gift is Giving Key’s I Love You To The Moon And Back Herringbone necklace. It is trendy, chic and super adorable.  At The Giving Keys, every word matters.  Each piece of jewelry is meant to be a daily reminder of inspiration, intention or commitment.  They encourage people to embrace the meaning or intention of their piece of jewelry and then pay it forward to someone who needs it more than when the time is right. A gift that keeps giving.

If jewelry isn’t in the budget, I’ve got a $4 solution. Head to the Dollar Store and grab some elastic jewelry string, letters and mixed beads. Help the kids create bracelets with their names or words that remind them of their Mom. It will take you 15 minutes, but it is something she will cherish for years to come. 

I know I teased you about this, but flowers are always a thoughtful touch. Lets just upgrade from that last minute stitch effort at checkout and order her something unforgettable from Glasswing Floral

If gift giving feels overwhelming we’ve got you covered. We’ve created Gift Sets made with Mom in mind. Each set includes two bottle of Madre Wine, A Tough As A Madre Tshirt, “Mum” 18k plated flower pendant, Cobb Candle and Flower Crown. 

Of all the Moms we asked, above any gift, they all just really wanted rest. Put her first. Do the things she does without asking. Take the day to appreciate all the little things she does everyday with gratitude for her love and sacrifices. Let her rest. Thank her. Make her feel loved and appreciated and you will give her a gift no Mother will ever forget.

Tami Farrell

Tami Farrell

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